Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some Poetry


Ron Silliman noted that the poet Carol Bergé passed away recently. I am not too familiar with her work, but what I've seen I've liked a lot. Silliman links to some of her poetry available online, like this excerpt from The Unexpected.


What each of us does
is so interesting.
Especially to each other.
Interesting to each other.
What we do
to and with each other.
This is the most
interesting place on
earth at the most
interesting possible time.
Here. Right now. We are
right, now; we are right
here. We are all right.
Yes, we are all here.
Here we are, and it is
all we are. All of it is so
interesting, to each other,
what a place to be placed
in, in history,
at this time on earth!
Doing what we do, the way
we do it, to and with
each other. And always
so interested in each other.
If you move here, you
will automatically be here
too, and you will be
part of what we do
a moving part of it all
and therefore interesting
while you are doing and
being done to.
Meantime, we are all here
in this place and it is
the best place to be
more now than ever.

I'd recommend trying to find and read as much of her work as you can.

[By the way, this post was made using Google's word processing program, Writely , which is kind of great. On the other hand, does anyone know how to force spacing on Blogger?]


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