Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This is a poem by Eric Gelsinger from
Though I don't drink that much coffee I think I can relate.


I have put so much coffee into my body I have lost my emotions.
Coffee makes me lie: I do have one emotion
It is called too much coffee.

The coffee wears off very fast
Because I drink so much of it: I have a second emotion
It is called I have to pee
It is a very strong emotion
I am like King Lear

I have a strong emotion
I am like Oedipus
I do not gouge out my eyes.  I have to pee.
They live in the old days.  Not me.

Oedipus never pees
King Lear does not pee
Because they are from that time
They are not real
I am real
I am emotional
I need a glass of water
This is also a strong emotion.
I will drink water and pee at the same time.

The coffee is wearing off even more
I have new emotions.
They care called txt msgs.
Txt msgs are a major way to do emotions
Txt msgs are better than faces or voices for emotions

I get txt msgs
But they are all from the same person
My pocket vibrates hopelessly
Like the old days.


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