Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Finally Music

OK, so I concentrated really hard this morning and was able to sustain my internet connection to upload this:

Tap Tap - Lanzafame

Tap Tap was one of the bzzz bzzz bands this summer, and it falls pretty firmly in the Clap Your Hands... side of things. But don't listen to those that they sound like an Arcade Fire/Wolf Parade rip-off band. To my ears at least, it sounds like Tap Tap arrived at a similar sound in their own way, and though it will probably appeal to the same kind of audience I think they deserve a listen on own merits.

Thomas Sanders, the man behind the band, also plays in a band called Pete and the Pirates that I will upload later today. I don't know which of his projects I like better, but there is a song that appears on both albums and I think I prefer the Pete and the Pirates version. You can judge for yourselves later.


Anonymous cupoladam said...

So I tried downloading, but my computer here at work seems to be lacking the necessary's like metaphor or something...oh, well. Um, anyway, the ceiling in my bedroom, like, caved in or whatever. I can totally crash, right?


4:04 PM  
Anonymous shofarsogood said...

Fine, you got me, I made the whole caving ceiling thing up. The truth is that, well, LOST is on tonight and my sister, who is a die-hard skater (sad, right? Jaters RULE!) and I made a friendly wager (not a conglomerate name for any excitedly anticipated television hook-up, I think) on who I will get to live vicariously through for the rest of the season. I'm sweating; major stakes here, as if I need to tell you. Oh, I like your blog and all, but why not one iota of sports commentary?

4:29 PM  

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